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Truck PAC


TruckPAC North Dakota is a pro-trucking, non-partisan, multi-candidate political action committee to support candidates for legislative and statewide office who understand and support the trucking industry.

Trucking is essential to North Dakota\'s economy and our way of life. Despite the essential role of the trucking industry, each week we see growing regulatory burdens and increased public scrutiny. This puts immense pressure on lawmakers to pass laws that would hinder the industry.

As a tool to aid the North Dakota\'s trucking industry, the North Dakota Motor Carriers Association (NDMCA) utilizes our Political Action Committee, TruckPAC North Dakota, to help elect trucking-friendly candidates and fight political attacks on trucking.

Disbursements from TruckPAC North Dakota are not made based on political party but to candidates whose votes are supportive of the trucking industry.

TruckPAC North Dakota has a proven history of supporting elected officials that were key in helping fight off regulations that would have negatively impacted our industry, bottom line, and even safety ratings.

We need your support to keep up the fight and ensure North Dakota remains a trucking-friendly state! Contributions to TruckPAC North Dakota must be done from an individual. Corporate contributions are not allowed in North Dakota.

There are 141 House and Senate members of the North Dakota Legislature, and we are asking each and every member of NDMCA to consider a contribution of $141.00 which is $1.00 for each lawmaker.

Please join us in supporting North Dakota\'s trucking industry by pledging your support today! Also, please consider passing this information on to like-minded individuals in your company.

TruckPAC ND contributes to candidates who:

  • Have a strong record in supporting the trucking industry
  • Advances legislation that furthers the transportation and trucking
  • Helps maintain a business-friendly environment
  • Opposes an incumbent or candidate who is hostile to our industry
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