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67th Legislative Assembly

The NDMCA and our representatives are continuously monitoring legislation affecting the trucking industry in North Dakota. This page will be updated throughout the session to give a real-time view of what bills we are tracking and where that bill is in the legislative process. If you have any questions you can email

Lawmakers of North Dakota

Lawmakers of NDFirst published in 1959, the Lawmakers of North Dakota is a proud tradition of the North Motor Carriers Association. Our members deeply value the legislative process and believe the information herein contributes to the betterment of the laws of our great state, and it is truly an honor to provide this resource.

This publication is an excellent resource to learn more about our state leaders. The book includes a biography of each legislator that consists of their party affiliation, district, email, hometown, profession, education, civic duty, awards, family, tenure and committee assignments. It also includes a listing of the support staff for both chambers at the time of the publication.

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