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About Us

Together We Drive!

North Dakota Motor Carriers Association

Welcome to the North Dakota Motor Carriers Association (NDMCA), where the journey of trucking excellence begins. Since our inception in 1934, we've been at the forefront of championing increased highway safety and promoting public education on the vital role of commercial vehicle transportation.

The NDMCA stands strong today with over 250 members. Governed by a board of directors elected from the general membership, the NDMCA is more than just an association; it is an organization owned and operated by its members for their mutual benefit. We take pride in providing programs and activities specifically designed to assist members in overcoming day-to-day and long-range challenges.

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Our Mission: "To Promote Highway Safety, Deliver Services, and Provide Representation for Our Members"

At the heart of the NDMCA's mission is a dedication to:

  • Championing Highway Safety and Security: Ensuring the highest standards of safety on our highways and among our drivers.
  • Elevating the Image of the Trucking Industry: Actively working to enhance public perception, recognizing the indispensable role of the trucking industry.
  • Offering Educational Programs: Empowering our members with knowledge through comprehensive educational initiatives.
  • Influencing Positive Governmental Actions: Advocating for policies that positively impact the trucking industry and contribute to a favorable business environment.
  • Promoting a Healthy Business Environment: Striving to create an environment where our members can thrive, fostering the economic vitality of our state.

Trucks transport the "tangible" goods portion of the economy, which is nearly everything consumed by households and businesses. In North Dakota, nearly everything we use is transported by truck including agriculture commodities, livestock, building materials, food, oil, coal and other industrial products.

Essentially every good consumed in North Dakota is put on a truck at some point. Over 46% of communities depend exclusively on trucks to move their goods. In addition trucks transport 70% of total manufactured tonnage in the state.

Join us at the NDMCA, where our mission propels us forward, and together, we drive the wheels of progress for the benefit of our members and the communities we proudly serve.