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Mandatory Hazmat Certification Webinar

Hazmat Certification Webinar - This mandatory training is required every 36 months.

Date: 9/26/2017 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Mandatory Hazmat Certification Webinar
This half day webinar is designed for hazmat shippers, transporters and handlers. This training is mandatory (172.704) for all employees who are involved with transportation of hazardous materials. Employers must ensure that each employee is trained initially with 90 days of employment and recertified every 36 months. We will cover general requirements, hazmat tables, shipping papers, packaging, marking and labeling, placarding, loading, emergency response and security. Hazmat training, testing and certification are required every 36 months.

Each attendee will be provided a ERG book if they register by 9/18/17. In addition, attendees must pass a written test, which will be provided, before they are certified. 

The attendee will be able to:
1. Assess their own hazardous materials procedures and implement positive improvements in the safe handling of HM.
2. Navigate the HM regulations and find the answer to their regulatory question without outside assistance.
3. Locate key definitions which apply to specific company situations.
4. Determine the proper shipping name for their HM using a basic table search procedure.
5. Prepare or review proper documentation (shipping papers) for shipment of HM.
6. Properly mark and label a HM package.
7. Choose the correct placards for a given HM load scenario.
8. Verify that all HM offered in on vehicle or container are secured and segregated safely and legally.
9. Successfully pass a DOT audit of their operations and procedures.

Jeff Simon, Optima Associates, Green Bay

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