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The North Dakota Motor Carriers Association has five standing committees to guide the Association in a number of different areas. Committee members are comprised from the Board of Directors and membership at large.

Executive Committee: Provides overall direction for the Association and considers business questions that arise outside of normal Board of Directors meetings.
Executive Committee Chair: Melissa Dixon, President

Strategic Planning Committee: Provides direction and oversight for the strategic operations of the Association. This is accomplished through the development of an up to date strategic plan, an operations plan for the organizational operations, and a comprehensive review of the achievement.
Strategic Planning Committee Chair: Pat Severson, 1st Vice President

Finance Committee: Provides for the responsible fiscal operation of the Association through sound fiscal policy.
Finance Committee Chair: Wally Keller, Treasurer

Legislative Committee: Provides for the public policy program of the Association.
Legislative Committee Chair: Mark Wolter, Immediate Past President 

Governance Committee: Provides for sound governance of the Association so decisions are made in the best interest of the membership.
Governance Committee Chair: John Roswick, ATA State Vice President

Safety Committee: Fulfills the safety-related initiatives of the Association.
Safety Committee Chair: Paul Gibree

NDMCA Foundation: Promotes Highway Safety and Education.
Chair, Board of Trustees: Kelly Krapu

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