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Truck Drivers Keep Moving

They keep stores stocked and goods moving, often going unnoticed. Right now there’s a lot of discussion on who is an essential worker and who is not. One we often forget that is essential for all of us, truck drivers. Across the country the transportation industry is still trucking along making sure materials get to where they need to go.

Date: 4/3/2020

“Truck drivers are really the back bone thats holding the economy together right now. Without them there wouldn’t be supplies for hospitals there wouldn’t be food at the grocery store. In North Dakota almost 50 percent of communties receive their goods exclusively by truck alone,” Kacey Heidrich from North Dakota Motor Carriers said.


But with the spread of COVID-19, it’s getting even more difficult for them to do their jobs. Restaurants and hotels are closing all over the country but some are making the effort to say open, just for truckers.

“We’ve had some major restaurant chains and travel plazas step up and say we want to help your industry out and they’ve implemented ways for drivers to be able to order food and use their facilities to do the basic hygiene practices that we take for granted everyday,” said Heidrich

But even with some extra help, truck driver Jim Sobolik tells us its still not an easy ride.

“It’s scary out there, because you just don’t know who’s around you that may have come from some place where there is or isn’t an outbreak,” Jim Sobolik said.

And while the easy choice maybe to just stay home and wait it out…

“We have to keep going because we have to keep store shelves open and full of stuff,” Sobolik said.

So to all the truck drivers out there bringing us the goods we need through these tough times and in some cases weather like this, thank you and roll on.