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Holiday Travel Tips to Keep You and Your Family Safe This Season

This holiday season, families all across America will gather with friends and neighbors to rekindle relationships, honor holiday traditions, and celebrate this special time of year. The North Dakota Motor Carriers Association would like to wish you and your families a safe and joyous holiday season and offer you the following safe travel tips:

Date: 11/26/2019


  • Buckle Up: Seatbelts save lives and are the single most effective way to prevent death and injury in a motor vehicle crash.
  • Never Drive Impaired: The holidays are often a time for being social, have a plan to get home safe before you start your celebration and if you’ve had too much to drink, do not get behind the wheel. 
  • Slow Down: Speeding and aggressive driving is a contributing factor in many serious injury and fatal crashes and becomes even more dangerous with the increased traffic during the holiday season.
  • Avoid Distracted Driving: Distracted driving increases the risk of being involved in a serious crash.  
  • Prepare Your Vehicle for Long Distance Travel: Check your tires, wipers, and fluids. Always start your trip with a full tank of fuel and travel with a winter weather survival kit and a charged cell phone.
  • Be Aware of Truck’s Blind Spots: When sharing the road with trucks, be aware of their blind spots.  If you can’t see the driver’s face in their side-view mirror, they can’t see you — which may result in a collision if they move into your lane. Avoid spending time in these “no-zones” to ensure the driver can see you. 
  • Do Not Cut off Large Trucks:  Semi-trucks are bigger in size and weight, making them slower to react to avoid collisions and taking longer to stop. Pay attention to your vehicle location in reference to the semi allowing a safe distance for you and the semi driver to react.