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66th Legislative Session Coming to a Close

Date: 4/9/2019

The 66th legislative session will finish at the end of this month.  The NDMCA actively engaged on many bills over the last three months.  The permanent trailer registration bill was signed into law and will go into effect August 1st  of this year.  The NDDOT will be offering a permanent trailer registration option for commercial and farm trailers for a fee of 120.00.  The NDDOT will no longer offer the multi-year plate which is a six-year plate for 120.00.    The annual registration for 20.00 will still be available for both farm and commercial trailers.


Another bill that benefits industry is the annual permit bill.  Currently, annual permits  are not prorated and expire at the end of the calendar year.  This bill will change the expiration date making  annual permits purchased from the NDHP good for a year from the date of purchase.  This bill was signed into law with an emergency clause and will be available as soon as the software update Is completed by the NDHP.  If questions arise regarding these two bills or any other legislation please call the NDMCA office at 701-223-2700