2017 Legislative Session

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65th Legislative Assembly - 4/21/17 Update

The 65th Legislative Session began on January 3rd, 2017 and the North Dakota Motor Carriers Association (NDMCA) has been at the Capitol since day one, ensuring the interests of the trucking industry are represented and protected.

The legislature is close to finishing up with Tuesday, April 26th (75th legislative day) set for the end date. At this point in the Legislative Session, most surviving policy bills have made it through both chambers of the Legislature and have been signed by the Governor. 

To date, the following key bills have been signed by the Governor.

SB 2326  - Prevents cities and counties from levying a local gas tax and having local vehicle registration.

HB 1255 - Which creates a 129,000 pound large truck permit for most US Highways on divisible loads, which effectively creates weight harmonization with SD, MT and Canada.

HB 1288  - Creates a over length annual permit and allows night time travel of over length loads.

HB 1320  - Improves communication between the state permitting system & the uniform county permit system and requires townships within a county using the uniform county permit system to use that system.

HB 1139 - Clarifies that an employee of a franchisee is not an employee of the franchisor in North Dakota.

HB 1202 - Requires DOT to study rules for operation and testing of autonomous vehicles.

HB 1156 - Prohibits WSI from paying for medical marijuana and prohibits payment of WSI benefits for those testing positive for marijuana.

HB 1137 - Allows WSI to issue cease and desist orders to employers who have not paid their premiums and clarifies that a general contractor can only be responsible for premiums of a non-paying subcontractor on the specific work being done for that general contractor.

SB 2045 - Removed the sunset on language on a law that allows counties to retain fines for non-permitted loads on county roads.

There are three appropriations bills NDMCA has been involved with that have come out of conference committee with provisions of importance to the trucking industry.

SB 2011, the budget bill for the Highway Patrol, includes a provision for some costs of the permit office to be funded from the electronic permit transaction fund, which had previously been funded through the General Fund. In addition language was added to allow the electronic permit transaction fee to be reduced from $15.00 to $10.00.

SB 2012, the budget bill for the Department of Transportation, includes a interim study of transportation funding in ND. This is important as approximately 60 million in carryover funds from this biennium must be used to meet the federal match next biennium. In the 2017-2019 biennium other than the carryover funds, transportation projects will solely be funded from the Highway Tax Distribution Fund.

SB 2020, which includes the budget for the Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute, was reduced by approximately 15% but includes $300,000 for continued work on road and bridge studies next biennium.


To learn more about these bills and see a full list of bills being tracked by NDMCA, click on the Bill Tracking link at the top of this page.

To see NDMCA's Crossover Report on key bill, click on the Crossover Report at the top of this page.

If you have any questions on a bill NDMCA has tracked, please email arik@ndmca.org with the bill number and question.