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UCR National Registration System: Launch is October 1 - 9/18/2018

The new UCR National Registration System is on track to launch October 1 and will be ready to accept remaining 2018 UCR registrations. read more

ATRI Research Quantifies Benefits of Hours-of-Service Flexibility - 8/28/2018

The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) today released the results of a new analysis on the potential benefits of allowing commercial drivers additional flexibility when they take required hours-of-service (HOS) breaks. ATRI utilized empirical truck GPS data to model the application of split rest beyond the current 8 and 2 hour increments allowed under the existing HOS rules. read more

IRS Proposes Rules on Full Expensing - 8/21/2018

The federal Internal Revenue Service has issued a notice of proposed rulemaking for regulations on how businesses may immediately write off for tax purposes the cost of acquiring depreciable property during the period from September 27, 2017, through calendar 2022 (and phasing out after that). read more