Issues & Legislation



2017 Legislative Session

Trucking has a voice on important issues, including a full-time lobbyist working on your behalf at the North Dakota  Legislature. We keep leadership and members informed of important legislation with email alerts and legislative reports during the legislative session. To see whats happening at the 2017 Legislative Session, click here.

Lawmakers of North Dakota

In advance of each legislative session, NDMCA publishes  Lawmakers of North Dakota, a handy pocket guide to your elected officials, legislative committees and the legislative process. This indispensable booklet can be purchased in our on-line store.




Regulatory Issues

NDMCA maintains strong relationships with state and federal agencies to serve as a reference on how decisions will affect trucking.



In January of 2012 TruckPAC North Dakota was officially formed to assist in the election of trucking friendly candidates. Political Action Committees such as TruckPAC North Dakota are ways that groups of individuals can pool financial resources together to provide greater support to candidates who support the overall goals of the individuals. Disbursements from TruckPAC North Dakota are not made based on political party but to candidates who are supportive of the trucking industry.

Contributions to TruckPAC North Dakota must be done from an individual. Corporate contributions are not allowed in North Dakota and disbursements can only be made to candidates for state office or state legislative races.

To learn more about TruckPAC North Dakota or to make a donation click here.